Visit Our Newly Remodeled Showroom!

weymouth_showroomVisit our newly-remodeled showroom in Weymouth MA and see the latest in frameless shower enclosures and sliding by-pass doors. Our newly installed displays feature the latest in glass, hardware, and enclosure designs to match any new or remodeled bathroom plan. Oasis offers a huge array of choices when it comes to your shower enclosure. Whether it’s glass (with a variety of privacy options and thicknesses) or hardware (with a huge selection of finishes and handle styles) we have something to match your tastes exactly. Because every shower is custom made, we design to your specific needs, always focussing on integrity and esthetics. We pride ourselves on creating products that give our clients a lifetime of satisfaction. Oasis shower doors are the easiest doors in the world to maintain and keep clean, and when properly cared for, will remain the centerpiece of your bathroom for years to come. But don’t just take our word for it, read the testimonials from our satisfied customers, and then visit our showrooms to see these spectacular doors for yourself. Our trained staff can guide you through all the options, matching you to a shower solution that suits both your esthetic tastes and your budget. Come experience these shower enclosures first hand and start creating your everyday escape today, at an Oasis Shower Door Showroom near you.

Our Newly-Renovated Shower Door Showroom for the Boston Area:

50 Finnel Drive, Weymouth MA
Open: Mon-Fri 10am-4:30pm
Sat 10am-1pm

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View Our Newly Remodeled Showroom Below: