Oasis Introduces Spec Tool for Architects

Shower Door Specification Generator is Designed to Save Time, Money and Aggravation

Oasis Shower DoorsNow architects and builders can obtain written specifications for their next bathroom project quickly and easily using the automated Spec Generator at OasisShowerDoors.com. This new feature was the brainchild of founding member Tom Daly.

“We’ve always tried to support architects and builders because it makes good business sense. That’s why we decided to add this important feature to our website. Now architects can download our prewritten custom specifications or create their own custom spec using the online spec generator at OasisShowerDoors.com.”

The new online spec tool allows architects to quickly find the spec they need from a selection of custom shower door configurations or create a unique spec to match a given project exactly. By clicking on an icon that closely matches the needed configuration, a specification is instantly displayed for frameless, semi-frameless, or fully framed shower doors. The specs can be copied straight from the site or downloaded as a PDF file to your desktop.

For architects in need of a special configuration, there is a “Create a Spec” button that allows for specific parameters, finishes and glass types to be specified. Once submitted, the written spec is delivered via email.

“This is one of many ways we support architects and builders when designing bathrooms”, said Daly. “We’ve always tried to help designers take the guesswork out of planning by offering free plan reviews, detailed drawings and estimates up front. And if an architect should choose to spec our doors, we can save them time by providing free detailed shop drawings and complete manufacturer’s specification data sheets on all components to expedite the submittal process. The entire focus of our architectural support team is to start a dialogue in the early stages of development, to solve common installation problems before they occur, always focusing on safety, integrity and aesthetics.”

The online spec tool is free and available to all area architects at OasisShowerDoors.com under the ‘info for architects” link. Oasis Shower Doors welcomes comments and questions at 800-876-8420.